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Events in Art and Archaeology

Photomontage in Russian Constructivist Posters
SAINT-PETERSBURG  •  ROSPHOTO: State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography  •  9 December 2015 - 21 February 2016

The exhibition looks into the use of photomontage in the works of Russian Constructivists. The displayed works include original posters from the archives of the National Library of Russia as well as photographs from the collection of Rosphoto made in 1920s –1930s.

Constructivism was an artistic philosophy that originated in Russia after the 1917 Revolution. Posters were one of the key forms of art in Constructivism, as they were set it in opposition to oil paintings that were proclaimed a remnant of the overthrown bourgeois society. A poster used to be called “a painting for workers” and was considered one of the most characteristic art forms of the Industrial age alongside photography and cinema.

Alexander Rodchenko and Gustav Klutsis, who contended each other’s precedence in the use of photomontage, were unanimous in their highest estimation of this technique and used it extensively in their works, mainly in posters. In the first issue of the LEF magazine under the editorship of Vladimir Mayakovsky, in a flagship article the Construtivists, Aleksandr Rodchenko wrote: “A new way of illustration was implemented that involves combining print and photo material on a certain topic… which makes any art and graphic illustration meaningless.” In 1931 Gustav Klutsis proclaimed a revolutionary role of the photomontage technique for any kind of art in his article Photomontage as a New Means of Propaganda in Art from a book Izofront.


ROSPHOTO: State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography Website

Contact: ROSPHOTO: State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography
ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 35
Saint-Petersburg 191186
Tel: (7) 812 3141 21

Events in Dance

SAINT-PETERSBURG  •  Mariinsky II (New Theatre)  •  9 - 11 February 2016

Ballet in three acts
Music: Khachaturian
Choreography by Leonid Yakobson
Sets by Valentina Khodasevich
Revival Designers: Batozhan Dashitsyrenov & Sergei Grachev
Lighting Designer: Nikolai Naumov
Costume Designer: Irina Korovina
Coach: Vyacheslav Khomyakov

Karen Durgaryan, conductor


Spartacus: Danila Korsuntsev
Phrygia: Viktoria Brilyova
Aegina: Tatiana Tkachenko
Marcus Crassus: Vladimir Ponomarev
Harmodius: Ivan Oskorbin

Mariinsky II (New Theatre) Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Mariinsky II (New Theatre)
St Petersburg
Tel: (7) 812 326 4141

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