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<EM>The UNTITLED: Bad Entertainment</EM>
The UNTITLED: Bad Entertainment
The UNTITLED: Bad Entertainment
EDINBURGH  •  Scottish National Portrait Gallery  •  30 January - 8 May 2016

This exhibition marks the culmination of a year-long project in which four groups of young people, with little or no formal training in visual art, embarked on a series of workshops and exhibitions, before coming together to create a film.

Often regarded as obtuse and perplexing, some people can feel excluded or confused by contemporary visual art. In the hands of these young people, contemporary art became the perfect vehicle for expressing who they are and what they feel about the world they inhabit.

The exhibition centres around a series of screens showing the project films within a specially constructed cage of tubular steel and wire mesh. This structure represents a futuristic ‘Bad Entertainment’ machine, a contemporary ghost ride, in which fantasy and reality collide.

Within the exhibition is the representation of a giant skull comprised of over 150 masks. Suggested by the young people themselves as a means of overcoming participants’ reluctance or embarrassment, and were an integral part of the work produced by all of the groups, becoming a central theme of the whole show.

Ultimately, Bad Entertainment communicates their shared sense of invisibility, facelessness and disenfranchisement, all of which are embodied by their collective label: ‘THE UNTITLED’.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery Website

Contact: Scottish National Portrait Gallery
The Mound, Edinburgh, EH2 2EL
Tel: (44) 131 624 62 00

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