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Events in Art and Archaeology

<P>Nils Dardel: <EM>Self-Portrait with hat</EM>, 1911 © Nils Dardel</P> • <P>&nbsp;</P>

Nils Dardel: Self-Portrait with hat, 1911
© Nils Dardel


Nils Dardel and the Modern Age,
MALMO  •  Moderna Museet  •  21 February - 6 September 2015

Visitors can get to know one of Sweden’s most pronounced dandies – who, in the constant presence of death, led a debauched life, among the aristocracy and the avant-garde artists of Paris in the early days of the 20th century, and whose unique style, “Dardelism”, gave us iconic and beloved paintings such as The Dying Dandy, Crime of Passion, and The Waterfall.

Nils Dardel (1888-1943) is not, however, a pure modernist aesthetically. His works are in conflict with the times in which he lived, a modern age that was preoccupied with keeping up with the latest fashions and did not fully appreciate an artist who never quite embraced the avant-garde. Dardel had an old-fashioned way of using stories and myths to portray an ambivalence about being both seduced and outraged by the onslaught of modernism. His style is reminiscent of a mixture of naivism and late-19th century symbolism. His private life became public in a way that nearly took over entirely, as if the “role” or “mythical figure” of Dardel stood in the way of the artist. It has been too tempting to link his pictures to his biography, basing the interpretation of his works on his life. His works are ambiguous; a seemingly banal and innocuous trait can suddenly swing into its diametrical opposite. Seriousness and irony co-exist, and many of his works have several parallel storylines. This parallelism also entails that the narratives in his works have multiple entry and exit points. This ambiguity is present equally in his person and his works. His is a dual nature that attracts and is attracted by both men and women.

Moderna Museet Website

Contact: Moderna Museet
Malmö Caroli
Ola Billgrens plats 2-4
211 29 Malmö
Tel: 46 40 685 79 37

Santiago Mostyn: <EM>Delay, </EM>2014© Courtesy of the artist and SW
Santiago Mostyn: Delay, 2014
© Courtesy of the artist and SW
The New Human
MALMO  •  Moderna Museet Malmö.  •  14 March - 18 October 2015
The New Human is a video-based exhibition project that artistically explores our current condition as humans, while also presenting imagined scenarios of our future. The project’s first chapter, titled You and I in Global Wonderland, takes over the entire upper level of Moderna Museet Malmö. It addresses pressing issues of our time relating to migration, alienation, and political and religious extremism, including the rise of nationalist and neo-fascist movements in Sweden and Europe.

All works presented in The New Human have been produced since the year 2000, the turn of the millennium, and span from seminal contemporary classics to very recent productions. At Moderna Museet Malmö, The New Human is presented in two chapters, each with a different focus and subtitle: You and I in Global Wonderland in 2015 and Knock, Knock, Is Anyone Home? in 2016. A third chapter will thereafter be presented at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in the fall of 2016.

Moderna Museet Malmö.Website


Moderna Museet Malmö
Ola Billgrens plats 2–4


Tel: (46) 8 5202 35 00

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