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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Ta'ziyeh of Hor

Ta'ziyeh of Hor: Mohammad Ghaffari, director
NEW YORK  •  Damrosch Park Tent  •  Ongoing
Lincoln Center Festival 2002 presents the first authentic performances in North America of Ta'ziyeh (or "mourning"), the only indigenous form of music drama in the Islamic world. Incorporating artistic forms from pre-Islamic Persia, Ta'ziyeh is a blend of opera and theater that is performed in the round and features musicians, actors and live animals. Part musical play, part religious drama, Ta'ziyeh is a lament for the death of Imam Hussein, the beloved grandson of the prophet Mohammed, and the third Imam (Caliph Yazid) of the Shiite branch of Islam. Ta'ziyeh became closely associated with the Imam's story in 1501, when Shiism became the official religion of Persia. It took its present dramatic form around the end of the 18th century.

Directed by Mohammad Ghaffari, this progressive three-play cycle consists of The Ta'ziyeh of Hor, which follows the story of one of Caliph Yazid's generals; The Ta'ziyeh of Qusem, which recounts the marriage of the great-grandson of Mohammed just before he joins in battle; and The Ta'ziyeh of Imam Hussein, when Imam Hussein confronts his enemy in a fierce battle that ends in his brutal death. Each Ta'ziyeh is a self-contained story, but the three dramas span the 10-day battle of Kerbala. The battle between Imam Hussein and the caliph led directly to the schism between the Sunni and Shiite forms of Islam that persists to this day, and the death of Immam Hussein is commemorated as a martyrdom, mourned ever since by Shiites arouund the world.

Twenty-nine of the foremost Ta'ziyeh actors and musicians from Iran perform these rich stories. Traditional music for percussion and horns, costumes, and live animals—horses and camels—are a part of the elaborate drama.

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Detailed schedule information:
Cycle 1: 9, 10, 11 July 2002

Cycle 2: 12, 13, 14 July 2002

Cycle 3: 16, 17, 18 July 2002

Cycle 4 : 19, 20 July 20002

Contact: Tel: (1) 212 875 59 28

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