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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
When the Revolution Comes

When the Revolution Comes
NEW YORK  •  Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts  •  Ongoing

When the Revolution Comes is a heteroglossic meditation on the highly diffuse intertextuality of the moment, presenting works created on the stubborn premise that they are out of step, not versus hot, fashionably unfashionable, against all odds, and, of course, 'staying the course', though only in the immediacy of each artist's own creative evolution. Sincerely, the revolution will never come, and ironically, people still die waiting for its arrival.

Jamal Cyrus: Africanismus

Jamal Cyrus: Africanismus #022564, 2005
Mixed Media: book, hair, bird

Deleuze and Guattari described a "milieu" as the ultimate locale of the postmodern condition, a place where discourses come at one from so many directions that one always feels suspended in the middle of things. This once jet-set concept may present itself at the end of 2006 a bit more ominously, in a time when the atomization of the arts means that everyone is off "doing their own thing" and only share a tentative certainty that paradigms past are gone, but no one can guess what is to come. The only philosophy of history in this moment is the long version. In this time and place, When the Revolution Comes is as good a mantra as "Let them eat cake" or "Always do the right thing."

Featured Artists: Nate Lowman, Holt Quentel, Ofer Wolberger, Nancy Grossman, Josh Smith, Alex McQuilkin, Joshua Weintraub, AJ Bocchino, Elwyn Palmerton

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Contact: 508 West 26th Street, Ste. 5A
New York, NY

Tel: (1) 212 463 85 00

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