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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Treasures From Shanghai: 5000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture”

You (Wine Vessel), BronzeLate Shang dynasty (13th – 11th century BC)Photo courtesy of Bowers Museum
You (Wine Vessel), Bronze
Late Shang dynasty (13th – 11th century BC)
Photo courtesy of Bowers Museum
Treasures From Shanghai: 5000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture”
SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA  •  Bowers Museum  •  Ongoing

Treasures from Shanghai: 5000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture,” features 77 sets of objects from the Neolithic period (circa 3000 B.C.) to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.).  This collection, on loan from the Shanghai Museum, portrays the evolution of Chinese technology, art and culture utilizing rare examples of bronze vessels, oracle bones, polychrome potteries, sculptures, porcelains, paintings, jade/bamboo carvings and lacquer works.

The focus of this exhibit is the ancient Chinese bronzes, from late Xia to early Han dynasty, and the exquisite Chinese porcelains from the Song dynasty to the prime time of the Qing dynasty. This exhibit displays nearly 20 pieces of ancient bronze vessels, cookware and music instruments, which demonstrate the ancient Chinese court dining cultures and rules of ceremonies. The porcelain works illustrate the most delicate and tasteful Chinese ceramic craftsmanship, including Yue ware, Xing ware, Cizhou ware, Jun ware, Longquan ware, and Jingdezhen ware.


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