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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Chi Peng: The Monkey King

Chi Peng: The Monkey King
BERLIN  •  Alexander Ochs Galleries  •  Ongoing

Chi Peng, barely in his mid-twenties and already an internationally recognised artist, is considered to be one of the most innovative exponents of contemporary Chinese art avant-garde. This is due particularly to his superior handling of digital photography and image-editing. He skilfully fuses actuality and fiction to an artistically generated pseudo-substantiality.

According to Anke Mueller, Chi Peng is a classical first-person narrator. Already in his early works he repeatedly became a figure and part within his own artistic creation. Digitally animated and frequently multiplied, his own 'alter ego' becomes a recurring projection-screen in a partly painful reflection on the urban realities of today's China - on new dreams and old taboos, on the still stigmatised issue of homosexuality.

Chi Peng's The Monkey King describes the fantastic journey of the monk Xuan Zang to India, with the aim to bring Buddhist sutras back to China. The actual hero of the narration, however, is the smart and rebellious monkey king Sun Wukong who is endued with magical skills. Among other things he is able to transform himself into 72 different shapes and creatures.

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