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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
Paul Chan: The 7 Lights

Paul Chan: The 7 Lights
LONDON  •  Serpentine Gallery  •  Ongoing

London's Serpentine Gallery presents the world premiere of American artist Paul Chan's complete series of The 7 Lights, 2005–07, largescale digital projections and drawings that ‘hallucinate’ the seven days of creation from dawn to dusk. The series explores themes of the sacred and the profane, and temptation and renunciation, in relation to the world. The projections are presented on floors, walls and corners, appearing like light and shadows emanating from nearby windows.

Earlier works of Chan include an ‘ambient video essay’ on everyday life in Baghdad four weeks prior to the invasion of Iraq, a film shot in the ‘red state’ of Nebraska and a portrait of the activist defence lawyer Lynne Stewart who was the first lawyer in the United States to be convicted of aiding terrorists.

Born in 1973, Chan spent his childhood in Nebraska and now lives in New York.

Serpentine Gallery Web Site

Contact: Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London W2 3XA

Tel: (44) 020 7402 6075

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