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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
Memorial to the Iraq War

Memorial to the Iraq War
LONDON  •  Institute of Contemporary Arts  •  Ongoing

The ICA has invited an international group of artists to make proposals for a memorial to the Iraq War. These memorials address topics such as the invasion and occupation of the country, the conflict’s relation to the War on Terror, Iraq’s slide towards civil war, and the deaths of soldiers and civilians. The Lancet estimated that by July 2006 the number of Iraqi deaths – both combatant and civilian – that could be directly or indirectly attributed to the war was over 650,000. The war has also caused the deaths of over 3,300 soldiers from America, over 140 from Britain and over 120 from the other past and present Coalition countries.

Proposal for Iraq War Memorial
Proposal for Iraq War Memorial, Symbolic Transposition of effects of war in Iraq to the U.S. and England: 10 Downing St., Parliament, U.S. Capitol and the White House [detail], 2007, Sam Durant
Photo courtesy of Institute of Contemporary Arts

Some of the artists in the exhibition have produced new works, including sculptures, videos and photographs, while others have produced proposals for as-yet-unrealised memorials, often pushing at the boundaries of the possible.

Memorial to the Iraq War features work by Lida Abdul, Marc Bijl, Christoph Büchel, Tony Chakar, Yael Davids, Jeremy Deller, Sam Durant, Chris Evans, Matias Faldbakken, Michael Patterson-Carver with Harrell Fletcher, Liam Gillick, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Iman Issa, Sanja Ivekovic, Erik van Lieshout, Nate Lowman, Michaela Meise, Roman Ondák, Khalil Rabah, Collier Schorr, Vahid Sharifian, Sean Snyder, Jalal Toufic, Klaus Weber, and Keith Wilson. The proposals include sketches, models and videos, and some proposals will be realised in the galleries in larger form.

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London Web Site

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