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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Spain
Theatre: Europe is Living a Celebration

Theatre: Europe is Living a Celebration: By Àlex Serrano
BARCELONA  •  La Caldera  •  Ongoing

We are reborn from our own ashes every day: we take drugs, we inject silicon into ourselves, we reinvent ourselves, only to end up crashing into ourselves again. We are the future but… there’s no instruction manual! Europe is Living a Celebration is a dramatic trilogy on the themes of guilt, resurrection and solitude. Barcelona’s Grec Festival hosts the third part, Autopsia.

Àlex Serrano: Orignal Idea and Director

Pau Palacios and Àlex Serrano: Dramaturgy

Barcelona Summer Festival Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
20h and 21h 30 

Contact: Tel: (34) 93 316 10 00

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