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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Breaking the Chains - The Fight to End Slavery

Bronze figure of a hornblowerPhoto courtesy of British Museum
Bronze figure of a hornblower
Photo courtesy of British Museum
Breaking the Chains - The Fight to End Slavery
BRISTOL  •  British Empire & Commonwealth Museum  •  Ongoing

Breaking the Chains is a major exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the British Parliamentary Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1807. In addition to a major loan from the British Museum’s African collection, including fine examples of Benin brass work, the show features authentic artefacts, film, music, photography, video and personal testimonies.

Six dedicated galleries cover the following key areas:

Gallery 1. What is slavery?

Slavery has existed throughout history. It still exists today. Discover what made the transatlantic slave trade so different from all other forms of human bondage.

Gallery 2. Africa and Europe

Wealth and diversity of African culture. How the slave trade dramatically changed the lives of both Africans and Europeans.

Gallery 3: The Caribbean

The ‘middle passage’ journey by ship and the reality of life and death in the Americas.

Gallery 4: The Age of Abolition

Violent resistance or peaceful protest? What really brought the slave trade to an end.

Gallery 5. In slavery’s footsteps

What is the price of freedom? Life in the Caribbean after abolition.

Lastly, a multimedia gallery presenting a variety of opinions, ideas and feelings about the contemporary legacies of the slave trade. Touch screens display specially commissioned short films responding to the themes of racism, identity, wealth, poverty and people trafficking. A place to record visitor thoughts and responses in audio or video format to any aspect of the Breaking the Chains exhibition.

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