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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
A Steady Rain

<P>Randy Steinmeyer and Peter DeFaria in<EM> A Steady Rain</EM>Photo courtesy of Chicago Dramatists</P> • <P>&nbsp;</P>

Randy Steinmeyer and Peter DeFaria in A Steady Rain
Photo courtesy of Chicago Dramatists


A Steady Rain: By Keith Huff
CHICAGO  •  Chicago Dramatists  •  Ongoing
Keith Huff: A Steady Rain

Love and rage on the streets of Chicago. Two seasoned cops find themselves caught up in a conflict between family and duty when a seemingly routine domestic disturbance call results in the death of a boy. When the horrific truth of the situation is revealed, one of the two must take the blame for the fatal mistake. Their childhood friendship is put to the test, and both men must deal with issues of honor, love and loyalty in the face of adversity.

Directed by Artistic Director Russ Tutterow

Cast: Randy Steinmeyer and Peter DeFaria

Chicago Dramatists Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
8:00 pm 

Contact: 1105 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Tel: (1) 312 633 06 30

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