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Travel Tip: Dance in United States
Borrowed Light

<EM>Borrowed Light</EM> Photo courtesy of Tero Saarinen Company
Borrowed Light
Photo courtesy of Tero Saarinen Company
Borrowed Light: Tero Saarinen Company
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK  •  BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.  •  Ongoing
Tero Saarinen Company
The Boston Camerata

Borrowed Light
Choreography by Tero Saarinen
Music directed by Joel Cohen
Performed by Tero Saarinen Company and
The Boston Camerata
Lighting design by Mikki Kunttu
Costume design by Erika Turunen
Sound design by Heikki Iso-Ahola

Borrowed Light is inspired by the Shaker Movement – a radical Protestant popular movement that was founded in England and blossomed in the USA during the late 1700s and 1800s. The Shaker Movement became known for its strong revolutionary social values, that they valued hard work and not least for their beautiful ascetic functional esthetics and design. But Borrowed Light isn’t about the Shaker Movement. It is more about belonging, sacrifice and devotion: “For me, the spirit of total devotion and commitment – regardless if it is religious, artistic or political – is basically the same,” says Tero Saarinen. Borrowed Light is performed by eight dancers and eight singers on the stage. Singing is central and performed by the music ensemble The Boston Camerata.

BAM Web Site

Click here for a Culturekiosque interview with Tero Saarinen.

Detailed schedule information:
7:30 pm

Contact: BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
30 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, New York
Tel: (1) 718 636 41 00

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