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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle: <EM>Jesse</EM>, 2007Series: <EM>Awakened</EM>Digital C-Print175,2 x 133,3 cm.Photo courtesy of Galer&iacute;a Leyendecker
David LaChapelle: Jesse, 2007
Series: Awakened
Digital C-Print
175,2 x 133,3 cm.
Photo courtesy of Galería Leyendecker
David LaChapelle
SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE  •  Galería Leyendecker  •  Ongoing

Inspired by the biblical narrative of the great flood, works belonging to David LaChapelle's (Connecticut, USA, 1963) new series Awakened, as well as Deluge, Cathedral and Museum are on view.

In Awakened LaChapelle presents us anonymous and common people playing the role of biblical characters ­ Jonah, Jesse, Judith, Sarah -, immersed in water, in a levitating state.

Galería Leyendecker Web Site

Contact: Galería Leyendecker
Rambla General Franco, 86
38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel: (34) 92 22 80 053

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