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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Netherlands
Yasumasa Morimura

<SPAN class=bildunterschrift>Yasumasa Morimura: <EM>Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo</EM> (Dialogue with Myself, Cropped Hair, Handshaped Earring), &copy; Yasumasa MorimuraPhoto courtesy of &nbsp;Reflex New Art Gallery</SPAN>
Yasumasa Morimura: Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo (Dialogue with Myself, Cropped Hair, Handshaped Earring),
© Yasumasa Morimura
Photo courtesy of  Reflex New Art Gallery
Yasumasa Morimura: My Life Through A Looking - Glass
AMSTERDAM  •  Reflex New Art Gallery  •  Ongoing

The work of Yasumasa Morimura exists in a theatrical world between photography and performance. The artist purposely leaps across cultures and eras, overriding issues of gender and race, casting himself in a wide variety of roles. He imitates Madonna, Michael Jackson and other icons of American pop culture as well as slipping into the skin of a stereotypical Japanese matron obsessed with Chanel and Louis Vuitton. His cultural cross-dressing includes the pomp and lushness of the surrealist paintings of Frida Kahlo, and captures the nuances of the nameless heroines in Cindy Sherman's photographs.

For a quarter of a century, Morimura's self-portraits have been featured in important solo exhibitions in such institutions as Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, The Cartier Foundation, Site Santa Fe, the Hara and Yokahama Museums in Japan and at the 2007 Venice Biennale. This exhibition of 200 polaroids features a selection of his related large-scale, finished images.

Reflex New Art Gallery Web Site

Contact: Reflex New Art Gallery
Weteringschans 83, 1017RX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 20 42 35 423

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