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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Austria
French Fashion Photographs and Films of Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin: <EM>Mistress &amp; Maid</EM>, GB 019, Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1977 &copy; 2008 The Guy Bourdin EstatePhoto courtesy of &nbsp;KunstHausWie
Guy Bourdin: Mistress & Maid, GB 019,
Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1977
© 2008 The Guy Bourdin Estate
Photo courtesy of  KunstHausWie
French Fashion Photographs and Films of Guy Bourdin
VIENNA  •  KunstHausWien  •  Ongoing

This exhibition with more than 300 works is both an introduction and an overview of the essential components of French photographer Guy Bourdin's (1928-1991) oeuvre. It aims to establish his status as a visionaire image maker and his inspiring power which still have such significance for artists of our decades like e.g. Madonna, that she was successfully taken to court for plagiarism by Guy Bourdins heirs for her video Hollywood in 2004.

Bourdin's high-profile years, in the 1970s, saw his images featured on the pages of top fashion magazines. Already in his mid forties by this time, his editorial and advertising photography broke with the conventions of fashion imagery in radical ways. His photographs of carefully staged narratives plunge the viewer into a fantasy world of glamour, pleasure, danger and suspense. Bourdin made it clear, as no other photographer before him had done, that we are seduced by the fashion image rather than the product the image promotes.

From the mid 1950s, Bourdin experimented and refined his distinct vision. At the same time as he produced his famous fashion images, he compulsively photographed and filmed his observations of the world in which he moved.

Guy Bourdin was born in 1928 and spent much of his youth living in post-war Paris. An assiduous observer of culture, he showed precocious artistic talent and fierce ambition. His innovative fashion photographs first appeared in French Vogue in 1954 and he continued to work mainly for the magazine for the next 30 years.

The exhibition includes modern prints, b/w 1950s vintage prints, Polaroids, cinefilms - early 1970s, landscape slide show, sketches and texts.

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