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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States

William Shakespeare: MacbethPhoto courtesy of The Folger Theatre
William Shakespeare: Macbeth
Photo courtesy of The Folger Theatre
Macbeth: By William Shakespeare
WASHINGTON, DC  •  The Folger Theatre  •  Ongoing

Incited by the witches' prophecy and his ambitious wife, Macbeth journeys into the heart of darkness in his quest for the throne.

Directed by & Conceived by Teller & Aaron Posner
Magic designed by Teller (of Penn & Teller)

Shakespeare's chilling Scottish tragedy is realized by the award-winning magician Teller and director Aaron Posner as a supernatural production.

Jeremy Brown: Seargent/ Young Siward
Ben Cook: Young Macduff
Evander Duck, Jr.: Lennox
Eric Hissom: Sister 2/ Porter/ Murderer 1/ Doctor
Cleo House, Jr.: Sister 3/ Mentieth/ Murderer 2
Joe Isenberg: Angus
Scott Kerns: Malcolm
Paul Morella: Banquo
Cody Nickell: Macduff
Kate Eastwood Norris: Lady Macbeth
Dan Olmstead: Duncan
Ian Merrill Peakes: Macbeth
Karen Peakes: Lady Macduff
Benjamin Schiffbauer: Fleance
Peter Vance: Donalbain/ Seyton
Noel Vélez: Ross
Andrew Zox: Sister 1/ Caithness 

The Folger Theatre Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
7:30 pm

Contact: The Folger Theatre
201 East Capitol St, SE
Washington, DC
Tel: (1) 202 544 46 00

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