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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Brief Buddies: Gay Men Explore Buddy Relationships

Brief Buddies Steven Reigns & Ian MacKinnonPhoto: Ian MacKinnonPhoto courtesy of Ian MacKinnon
Brief Buddies Steven Reigns & Ian MacKinnon
Photo: Ian MacKinnon
Photo courtesy of Ian MacKinnon
Brief Buddies: Gay Men Explore Buddy Relationships
LOS ANGELES  •  Highways Performance Space  •  Ongoing

Performance artist Ian MacKinnon asserts that "Gay men are constantly connecting with each other in radically unconventional, and often sexually nonconformist ways. From baths to bars to chat rooms to the theatre, these fierce performers search for pleasure, meaning, and ultimately their own Gay Souls." Presumably, MacKinnon's up-coming weekend of gay male duo and solo performances, centered on the uniquely gay relationship of The Buddy, explores the evolution of this form of social interaction and kinship from a hitherto hidden aspect of male bonding within the existential condition to the post-stonewall gay male hedonism and identity politics of today's speed-dating, consumer-fetishist pop culture.

Entitled Brief Buddies, the evening begins pre-show in the lobby where Buddy Boys in briefs serve drinks and hand out “boxers or briefs“ nametags. Cocktails are followed by short pieces from Ian MacKinnon, theatrical activist Corey Saucier, "boy-lesque" dancer Gregory Barnett and video artist David Quantic. In order to render the evening as interactive as possible, MacKinnon invites audience members to "bring a buddy of your own or meet a new one. So much can happen when two men get together."

Highways Performance Space Web Site

Please click here for The Most Scandalous Performance Art of the 1970s.

Detailed schedule information:
8:30 pm

Contact: Highways Performance Space
1651 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: (1) 310 315 14 59

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