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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
Nathalie Djurberg & Diego Perrone

<P>Nathalie Djurberg, <EM>Florentin</EM>, 2004Film transferred to DVD, colour, sound&copy; Nathalie DjurbergCourtesy of Zach Feuer Gallery and Gi&oacute; Marconi Photo courtesy of Whitechapel</P>

Nathalie Djurberg, Florentin, 2004
Film transferred to DVD, colour, sound
© Nathalie Djurberg
Courtesy of Zach Feuer Gallery and Gió Marconi
Photo courtesy of Whitechapel

Nathalie Djurberg & Diego Perrone
LONDON  •  Whitechapel Art Gallery  •  Ongoing
Nathalie Djurberg and Diego Perrone examine the darker aspects of human psychology. Djurberg’s deceptively charming stop-motion clay animations are contemporary fairytales in which adults and children engage in violence and misadventure. Perrone’s surreal animations and digital video works explore a poetic but detached preoccupation with death, the passage of time and both banal and extreme aspects of human behaviour.

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Contact: Whitechapel
Whitechapel High Street
London E1
Tel: (44) 20 75 22 78 88

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