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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Belgium
Diango Hernández: Inspire me again

<P>Diango Hernandez</P>

Diango Hernandez

Diango Hernández: Inspire me again
ANTWERP  •  Stella Lohaus Gallery  •  Ongoing

Five installations comprise this solo show devoted to Dusseldorf-based Cuban artist Diango Hernández (b. 1970, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba) in which the voice is transformed into energy. The sound recording media transmit the speech ‘The Second Declaration of Havana’, given by Fidel Castro in February 1962. In this speech Castro divulges to the people that Cuba is about to distance itself from the United States and that the country will pursue a communist course. Fidel’s voice and the words from his speech are translated into electric pulses, which then form the power that drives the objects. The rhythm of the machine is synchronised with the rhythm, the intensity and the silences of the speech.

The illustration on the invitation shows the image of a nursing mother, whose head has been replaced by that of Fidel Castro. The image is unambiguous: for the Cuban people Fidel is the ideological mother, the leader who feeds his children (and the future).

The painting Ultrasound to my mother history, We got twins conveys, in a very direct way, the paradoxical relationship between the US and Cuba that established itself when Kennedy came to power. The ultrasound shows twins in the mother’s belly. Again, this is about sound and vibrations, here transformed into a visual image.

In addition, Hernández dwells on the Kennedy murder in the collages alongside the objects. Puzzle-like pieces resembling the murder itself.

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