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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in France
Arnold Newman, a master of the portrait

Alfried Krupp • Essen 1963 • Photo Courtesy of Patrimoine photographique
Alfried Krupp
Essen 1963
Photo Courtesy of Patrimoine photographique
Arnold Newman, a master of the portrait
PARIS  •  Patrimoine photographique  •  Ongoing
Arnold Newman's (b. 1918, New York) career as a portraitist began in 1941 and took off in 1946, when he settled in New York and received his first commissions from Life - a portrait of Eugene O'Neill - and Harper's Bazaar - a portrait of Igor Stravinsky (at first rejected by Alexey Brodovitch, it has become the definitive portrait of the composer). Since then, his rigorously constructed, formally honed photographs have built up a cosmopolitan pantheon of remarkable men and women whose essential identity and symbolic resonance he has revealed more tellingly than most.

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