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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Skullphone Speaks, Cellphones Creep

SkullphonePhoto courtesy of Riverside Art Museum
Photo courtesy of Riverside Art Museum
Skullphone Speaks, Cellphones Creep
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA  •  Riverside Art Musuem  •  Ongoing

Skullphone is an artist who works anonymously in city streets and deserted highways, incorporating his artwork into the detritus of the urban environment. While ten foot tall posters loom high above building walls, small supporting incarnations of his image blend into utilitarian spaces. In these, Skullphone's image immediately cuts through the typically mundane environment of gas stations, public bathrooms, parking meters, roll-up gates, and trash dumpsters, the unique platforms and non-blank canvases from which Skullphone “speaks”.

According to the press release, "Skullphone’s installation at RAM, Skullphone History Museum creates an environment reminiscent of a natural history museum’s dioramas. Replacing nature with entirely man-made objects, this unnatural exhibit monumentalizes the quotidian objects of our world."  

Skullphone's signature image may also bring to mind and "monumentalize" the news media's on-going reports that some health advocates worry that excessive use of cell phones can be harmful to one's health. CNN's Larry King raised the question "Do cell phones cause brain cancer?" earlier this week to Dena Cochran, the widow of lawyer Johnnie Cochran and to a group of physicians. Johnnie Cochran died of brain cancer. And while various studies researching the health effects of cell phone use have yielded mixed results, "skullphone" may look like food for thought.

Riverside Art Museum Web Site

Please click here for a Culturekiosque article on Cell Phone Health Effects.

Contact: Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside CA 92501
Tel: (1) 951 684 71 11

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