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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Roman Triumphs: The Glory Days

Roman Triumphs: The Glory Days
ROME  •  Colosseum  •  Ongoing
The Colosseum is host to some 150 reliefs, coins, bronze works and paintings that document the theme of the successful victory of the Romans against the Etruscans and others. The first section of the exhibition brings together works dedicated to Triumph through depictions of Etruscan funerals in the Hellenistic world. Further on, the display illustrates the importance in the Roman world of processions and the opening of the games at Circo Massimo with prisoners in chains and a show of the riches that they had accumulated during a military campaign. The second part of the exhibition focuses on the theme of the winners and the conquered, with the portrayal of Cesare and Pompeo, battle scenes and the erection of monuments following the victorious campaigns. The exhibition concludes with the depiction of the defeated populations who have submitted to the power of Rome.

Contact: Anfiteatro Flavio
Piazza del Colosseo
Tel: (39) 6 399 67 700

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