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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Greece
Euripides: Andromache

Jean - Christophe Sais© Jean-Paul Lozouet Photo courtesy of Athens Epidaurus Festival
Jean - Christophe Sais
© Jean-Paul Lozouet
Photo courtesy of Athens Epidaurus Festival
Euripides: Andromache
ATHENS  •  Scholeion  •  Ongoing

Euripides: Andromache
Directed by Jean-Christophe Sais
Translation in French: Jean et Mayotte Bollack (ed. Minuit)
Sets: Jean-Christophe Sais, Jean Tartaroli
Lighting: Jean Tartaroli
Costumes: Montserrat Casanova
Music (original score): Gilbert Gandil


Louez Ali, Raghad Almakhlouf, Thierry Bosc, Nisrin Fendi, Mathieu Genet, Kouzit Al-Hadad, Lama Hakim, Amira Hdife, Gaëlle Héraut, Valerie Lang, Daniel Martin, Kamel Najma, Hala Omran, Iman Oudeh

A Syrian actress plays Andromache, a timeless symbol of marital fidelity, maternal devotion and dignity in defeat., in this production of Euripides’ tragedy (scholars cannot agree on the precise time and place of its first performance). Jean-Christophe Sais, an up-and-coming star of the French theatre, directs a cast of French and Syrian actors speaking in French and Arabic.

The slave of Neoptolemus, Andromache – an exceptional prize for his bravery in battle - incites the jealousy and envy of Hermione, his legitimate and childless spouse. Through the ‘family’ terms of the drama, Euripides – who was, in all likelihood, writing the play during the early stages of the Peloponnesian War – condemns the brutality of war and the ruthlessness of powerful men.

Athens Epidaurus Festival Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
21 h

Contact: Scholeion
52 Pireos Street
Tel: (30) 210 92 82 900

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