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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in China
Fire His Breath, Jade His Bones

Shi Jinsong: <EM>Four-stroke Gasoline Engine</EM>, 20081.6 Liters, Stainless Steel Tubes and Angled Iron Bars110X118X139cm&nbsp; Photo courtesy of Platform China
Shi Jinsong: Four-stroke Gasoline Engine, 2008
1.6 Liters, Stainless Steel Tubes and Angled Iron Bars
Photo courtesy of Platform China
Fire His Breath, Jade His Bones: New Work by Shi Jinsong
BEIJING  •  Platform China  •  Ongoing

The exhibition contains three works - two are related to fire and one uses jade. One of the “fire” works is a burning piece of charcoal made from an enormous tree trunk; the other is an exposed car engine with a stainless steel exhaust system that turns red following periodic explosions. Because of the shortage of appropriate terminology we may call them installations, but both works are far from “readymade,” resulting instead from carefully planned transformation of natural materials and utilitarian objects. The third work in the exhibition is a tiny jade human head set on a stainless steel base upstairs. Motorized by a mechanism it strikes the wall at the rate of 16 times per minute. Its “cool” material and monotonous, repetitive action contrast dramatically with the two “fire” works displayed downstairs. 

These works all allude to violence and danger, but of different forms and cultural connotations. They impress people with a penchant for danger as well as for technological precision---a characteristic of Shi Jinsong’s art.

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Contact: Platform China
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