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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Cy Twombly

<P class=nombreArtista>Cy Twombly (Lexington, U.S.A., 1928) <EM>Four Sesons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)</EM>Part IV: <EM>Winte</EM>rAcrylic, oil stick, oil paint and lead pencil on canvas313.5 x 220,5 cmCatalogue raisonn&eacute;: PIV, nr.64</P>

Cy Twombly (Lexington, U.S.A., 1928)
Four Sesons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
Part IV: Winter
Acrylic, oil stick, oil paint and lead pencil on canvas
313.5 x 220,5 cm
Catalogue raisonné: PIV, nr.64

Cy Twombly
BILBAO  •  Guggenheim Museum Bilbao  •  Ongoing
A selection of nearly 100 works, including paintings, sculptures and drawings, occupy the second floor and one gallery on the first floor, with particular emphasis on the most important thematic series created by the artist over the course of his career. Saving a few exceptions, the works are arranged in chronological order.

Cy Twombly begins in galleries 205 and 206 on the second floor, which holds works from the artist’s early years that were produced in the 1950s and 60s, such as Tiznit (1953) or Quarzazat (1953), made after his trip to Morocco with Robert Rauschenberg, as well as de Free Wheeler (1955), Academy (1955), Arcadia (1958), Herodiade (1960), Empire of Flora (1961) or School of Athens (1961), among others.

With regard to Twombly’s sculptural activity, which he abandoned for sixteen years (from 1957 to 1976), particular emphasis has been placed on presenting the pieces made of plaster, and the bronze pieces included in the exhibit are painted by the artist himself. This important selection will occupy galleries 103 and 202 as well as other halls in the museum. Specifically, gallery 202 will feature his sculptures alongside pictorial works such as his two Wilder Shores of Love (1985), Hero and Leandro (1984) or his two 1975 collages, Apollo and the Artist (1975) and Mars and the Artist (1975). Nine Discourses on Commodus, a set of nine canvases that must always be displayed as a whole and now, for the first time, can be seen alongside the second version of School of Athens and Catallus (1962), a work rarely shown in public.

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Contact: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Avenida Abandoibarra, 2
48001 Bilbao
Tel: (34) 94 435 90 00

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