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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Czech Republic
The Curse of Gold: 1000 Years of Inca Gold

Mask, Moche-culturePhoto courtesy of Prague Castle
Mask, Moche-culture
Photo courtesy of Prague Castle
The Curse of Gold: 1000 Years of Inca Gold
PRAGUE  •  Prague Castles House of the Supreme Burgrave  •  Ongoing

A loan exhibition from the Museum of Gold in Lima, Peru, this 90-piece collection of Inca gold artifacts features goblets, masks, jewelry, weapons, instruments and ritual knives and other objects used for shamanic and burial rituals produced by Inca goldsmiths between 400 B.C. and 600 A.D. Video clips and a special stereoscopic laser display aim to provide additional insight into the mysticism of the Inca.

Besides exhibits from the era of the Incas, the exhibition shows a large number of gold objects from different cultures, which were annexed peacefully or forcefully by the Incas during their period of glory.

This empire extended over almost 5,000 kilometres (from north to south), along the Andes and the Pacific coast and Quetchua was the official language in the Inca empire

Cuzco was the political, religious and cultural centre of the empire. Not only the ruler resided in the large town, but there was also the main shrine, the sun temple and the main place for education. During the arrival of the first Spaniards in Peru, up to 200,000 people should have lived in Cuzco.

For the Inca, gold was the symbol of the sun, of beauty and a gift of the gods without material value. For the spanish conquerors, however, gold meant only wealth a historical misunderstanding, which finally led to the destruction of the giant Inca empire.

Inca Gold Web Site

Contact: Prague Castle
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119 08 Praha 1
Tel: (420) 244 463 443

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