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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Russia
Anastasia Khoroshilova: Russkie

Anastasia Khoroshilova: <EM>Russkie #102</EM>C-Print auf Dibond 100x802007Courtesy of Galerie Ernst Hilger
Anastasia Khoroshilova: Russkie #102
C-Print auf Dibond 100x80
Courtesy of Galerie Ernst Hilger
Anastasia Khoroshilova: Russkie
MOSCOW  •  Moscow Museum of Modern Art  •  Ongoing
The contemporary Russian Federation stands before the photographer Anastasia Khoroshilova's camera in all its diversity: Mordva, Tatars, Adyghe, Cossacks, Finnish Karelian groups. All of them embossed by the Soviet Union. This is the main focus in the series Russkie. Anastasia Khoroshilova's works were shown at multiple international exhibitions amongst others at the National Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia), at the Centro per l' Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato (Italy), at the Kunsthalle Lingen (Germany) and at the M. Margulies Collection at the Warehouse (Miami, USA).

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Tel: (7) 495 69 42 890

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