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Travel Tip: Classical Music in United States
Andalusian Music Festival

Ahmed Zaitouni
Ahmed Zaitouni
Andalusian Music Festival
NEW YORK  •  Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center  •  Ongoing
Al-Ala from Tangier, Morocco, featuring Orchestra of Tangier, directed by Ahmed Zaitouni (vocal, lute, rebab, violin, viola, goblet drum & tambourine)

“Al-Ala,” meaning “instrumental,” refers to the secular traditions in the Andalusian music of Morocco. This concert marks the first performance of a complete Mizan (movement) from a Nawbat (vocal and instrumental suite) in the USA.

Andalusian music is the musical and poetic traditions from Medieval southern Spain that have been preserved in Morocco by the descendants of Muslim and Jewish refugees since the Reconquista. It is performed in the form of vocal and instrumental suites ("Nawbat") based on ancient poems of love, pleasure, wine and nature.

Andalusian music in Tunisia has a significant Middle Eastern influence as Tunisia fell under Ottoman rule, and its Andalusian music tradition is called Malouf. In the concert on 22 February, Lotfi Bouchnak, a very highly-regarded musician throughout the Arab world, shows his artistry in music ranging from Tunisian Malouf to Wasla from Egypt to Sufi music.

Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
Feb 21, 2009 8:00 pm
Feb 22, 2009 7:00 pm

Contact: Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center
129 West 67th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam )
New York, NY
Tel: (1) 212 501 33 30

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