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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Switzerland
Afrika! Afrika!

Afrika! Afrika!
Afrika! Afrika!
Afrika! Afrika!
ZURICH  •  Hallenstadion  •  Ongoing

From Senegal to Zanzibar, from Egypt to Botswana and from Mali to the Congo, more than 100 artists from different African regions take part in the show. Many of these artists are trained at the two African circus schools which partner with the Afrika! Afrika! project.

Apart from the artistry of it all, the masks and the costumes, the music and the dance make the Afrika! Afrika! quite special. Even the tent palaces with their Moorish decor and carpets used by the Berbers, are part of the travelling show. The tents are open during the show and the breaks, offering visitors the chance to sip tea in an African café or visit a soak an African market.

Contact: Hallenstadion
Wallisellenstrasse 45
Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: (41) 43 444 68

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