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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Etruscans: The Ancient Cities of Lazio

Antefissa a testa di GorgonPhoto courtesy of Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Antefissa a testa di Gorgon
Photo courtesy of Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Etruscans: The Ancient Cities of Lazio
ROME  •  Palazzo delle Esposizioni  •  Ongoing
The exhibition tells the story of the Etruscan civilization in Lazio and describes its extraordinary level of achievement through the development of its main urban centers. Veii, Cerveteri, Vulci and Tarquinia were four cities that began life with many of their more ancient features stemming from common roots, only later going on gradually to differentiate from one another both in terms of their artistic output and in more general terms of culture and worship, of life style and of trading practices. The second part of the exhibition is devoted to the ties between these ancient cities and Rome itself, highlighting the huge influence that the Etruscan civilization had on the Roman world, on its religious practices and on its symbols of power, pointing to continuity but also to the differences between the two cultures. The individual character of these four cities in southern Etruria is illustrated by a selection of some of the most important works of art from each locality, many of which will be on public display for the very first time.

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00184 Roma
Tel: (39) 06 39 96 75 00

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