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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Carlos IV: Mecenas y coleccionista (Charles IV Patron and Collector)

Carlos IV: Mecenas y coleccionista (Charles IV Patron and Collector)
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King Charles IV (1748-1819) made his name in art history on account of his exquisite taste; suffice to say that Francisco de Goya was his chamber painter and Juan de Villanueva favourite architect. During his reign, he strived to grant power to the erudite, and, influenced by that renovating spirit, the style of the court shifted determinedly towards Neoclassicism.

More interested in beauty than in State administration and government, Charles IV busied himself remodelling royal properties: he ordered the construction of the Prince's Houses -hunting pavilions- in El Pardo, Aranjuez and El Escorial, he breathed new air into the Royal Tapestry Factory and commissioned artworks to the master painters of the time: Luís Meléndez, Claude Joseph Vernet, Luís Paret and Francisco de Goya.

As well as painting and architecture, Charles IV was extremely interested in music -he bought a quartet of Stradivarius instruments- and decorative arts - he renovated the furniture in the royal houses. The show displays an excellent collection of carpets, gems, and bronze, porcelain, ivory pieces and a collection of clocks.

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