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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Fire and Ice: Toni Servillo On Screen and In Person

Toni Servillo stars in <EM>Il Divo</EM>Directed by Matteo Garrone, Italy, 2008; 137mPhoto Credit: The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Toni Servillo stars in Il Divo
Directed by Matteo Garrone, Italy, 2008; 137m
Photo Credit: The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Fire and Ice: Toni Servillo On Screen and In Person
NEW YORK  •  Walter Reade Theater  •  Ongoing

Fire and Ice: Toni Servillo On Screen and In Person is a four film retrospective of the distinguished Italian actor's work.

Showcasing four of Servillo’s performances, Fire and Ice opens on Monday, July 27 with Paolo Sorrentino’s astute political drama Il Divo (also showing on Tue Jul 28), about the rise/fall/rise of seven-time Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti (played by Servillo).

A highlight of the series is Matteo Garrone’s wildly-popular winner of the Cannes Grand Prize, Gomorrah, about the seemingly limitless reach of the Neapolitan organized crime empire, the Camorra, told through the interweaving of five stories (Tue Jul 28 & Wed Jul 29).

Also showing are Andrea Molaioli’s murder mystery The Girl by the Lake, which earned Servillo a Pasinetti Award in 2007 at Venice as well as a David di Donatello Award for Best Actor (Mon Jul 27 & Wed Jul 29), and Paolo Sorrentino’s romantic psychological thriller The Consequences of Love (2004), which brought the actor his first David di Donatello Award.

Film Descriptions

The Consequences of Love / Le conseguenze dell’amore
Paolo Sorrentino, Italy, 2004; 100m The recipient of five David di Donatello Awards (including best actor for Servillo), The
Consequences of Love follows a mafia accountant condemned to a life of isolation while laundering of the mob’s ill-gotten profits. Servillo unforgettably renders the anguish of this lonely and desperate man, who is struck by love (in the magnificent guise of Olivia Magnani) and prepares to pay the ultimate price for his newfound passion. Sorrentino’s provocative shooting in winter landscapes brings us into his characters, just as their avenues of escape are closed off.

Tue Jul 28: 4:00pm
Wed Jul 29: 6:10pm

Il Divo
Paolo Sorrentino, Italy, 2008; 110m

Paolo Sorrentino takes on postwar Italian politics and brilliantly succeeds in taming this enormously unwieldy subject, focusing on the rise/fall/rise of one of its key players, Giulio
Andreotti. Seven times Italy’s prime minister, stoop-shouldered, slow moving, and pensive, Andreotti nevertheless contained boundless inner energy, a quality captured by Servillo in a
marvelous, award-winning performance. Ever the innovator, Sorrentino creates a dialogue between scenes, representing the world as it looks to Andreotti and to outsiders who explore
the causes or consequences of his actions. An extraordinarily original work of real political insight and cinematic imagination.

Toni Servillo will join the public on stage to discuss the film and his work in the cinema.

Mon Jul 27: 6:00pm
Tue Jul 28: 9:00pm

The Girl by the Lake / La ragazza del lago
Andrea Molaioli, Italy, 2007; 95m

In a peaceful town surrounded by mountains a beautiful young woman is found naked and dead on the shore of a lake. Called in from the provincial capital to investigate, police inspector
Giovanni Sanzio (Servillo) finds no signs of a struggle but plenty of local suspects. Servillo, awarded Best Actor at the 2007 Venice Film Festival for this work, brings just the right amount of ironic world-weariness to a character who must see the worst in people. Co-starring Valeria Golina, Fabrizio Gifuni, and Marco Baliani.

Mon Jul 27: 9:00pm
Wed Jul 29: 4:15pm

Gomorrah / Gomorra
Matteo Garrone, Italy, 2008; 137m

In this deft interweaving of five stories, the reach of the Italian organized crime empire the Camorra extends from the heights of haute couture to the depths of toxic waste, and director Matteo Garrone coolly observes all the attendant brutality. (You’ll never ogle movie-star high fashion in the same way again.) Servillo heads a strong cast as a lethally smooth businessman in a sharp suit who specializes in the illegal dumping of corporate poisons.

Tue Jul 28: 6:15pm
Wed Jul 29: 8:20pm

Film Society of Lincoln Center Website

Contact: Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65th Street close to Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY
Tel: (1) 212 875 56 00 / 01

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