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Travel Tip: Dance in Austria
Delgado Fuchs

Delgado Fuchs© Sophie BallmerPhoto courtesy of ImPulsTanz
Delgado Fuchs
© Sophie Ballmer
Photo courtesy of ImPulsTanz
Delgado Fuchs
VIENNA  •  Schauspielhaus  •  Ongoing
“Be radical without being radically boring.” (Delgado Fuchs)

Does one have to give everything? Does one have to shave one’s pubic hair for this show? Does one have to keep the audience from falling asleep? Nadine Fuchs and Marco Delgado search for answers to questions such as these. They do so with lots of absurd humour, a great sense of rhythm and remarkable costumes. The two artists analyse the relationship between the artist and the audience, employ movement as a weaving pattern for meaning and the body as a projection screen for impressions. In the process, they continually shift perspectives, moods and identities by varying clothes and the relationship between themselves and by enabling the audience to think concepts of body and movement anew.

ImPulsTanz Website

Detailed schedule information:
31 July at 21h
4 August at 22h30

Contact: MuseumsQuartier
Museumplatz 1
1070 Vienna
Tel: (43) 1 955 19 00

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