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Travel Tip: Dance in Finland
Tero Saarinen Company: Triple Bill

<EM>Hunt</EM>Photo: Marita Liulia
Photo: Marita Liulia
Tero Saarinen Company: Triple Bill
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Tero Saarinen Company

Westward Ho!



After a very successful career as a solo dancer with the Finnish National Ballet, Tero Saarinen started a career as a choreographer. Today he directs his own company.

In 1997 he acquired an international reputation for his production Westward Ho!, a peculiar, melancholic piece for three dancers, a fascinating piece with its clarity and interplay of colors, composition and controlled energy.

Surrealistic, flowing movements dominate the piece Wavelengths, a pas de deux accompanied by the minimalist sounds of Riku Niemiís composition for violins, marimbas and bells.

In Hunt, a solo piece based on Stravinskyís The Rite of Spring that he choreographed for himself and staged with Marita Liulia, one of the leading multimedia artists in Finland, he displays the body control of a gifted dancer. Every stereotype of the sexes and the dichotomy of masculinity and femininity.

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Detailed schedule information:
Tuesday - Friday at 19h

Contact: The Alexander Theatre
Bulevardi 23-27
Tel: (358) 9 676 980

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