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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Hungary
Turner and Italy

Turner: <EM>Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino</EM>, 1839 National Gallery of Scotland, EdinburghPhoto courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Turner: Modern Rome Campo Vaccino, 1839
National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
Photo courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Turner and Italy
BUDAPEST  •  Museum of Fine Arts  •  Ongoing

The thematic exhibition entitled Turner and Italy displays over 80 works presented chronologically to show the career of the artist from his early landscapes to his near-abstract, late pictures. After Ferrara and Edinburgh, this special exhibition, which was compiled by leading English experts on the artist, is on view in Budapest with certain modifications.

Joseph Mallord William Turner (17751851) was one of the most significant landscape painters of the 19th century. His hugely extensive oeuvre is characterised by thematic diversity and endless technical innovation. He painted true-to-life city- and landscapes - he was especially fond of depictions of the sea -, historical and mythological scenes, contemporary events, but his imagination was also inspired by literature.

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Website

Contact: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Dózsa György út 41
1146 Budapest
Tel: (36) 1 469 71 00

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