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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Belgium
Orgy of Tolerance

Jan Fabre: <EM>Orgy of Tolerance</EM>Photo: Jean-Pierre StoopCopyright: Jean-Pierre Stoop<EM> </EM>Photo courtesy of deSingel
Jan Fabre: Orgy of Tolerance
Photo: Jean-Pierre Stoop
Copyright: Jean-Pierre Stoop
Photo courtesy of deSingel
Orgy of Tolerance: By Jan Fabre
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Jan Fabre: Orgy of Tolerance
Jan Fabre, director

I consume therefore I am. In 'Orgy of Tolerance' Jan Fabre criticises the excessive consumerism of our late-capitalist society. Our need to achieve, to win at any price, the fake orgasm. Strong language indeed. Everyone is a crackpot; it's outward show and plenty of swagger. Love and idealism are just options like any other. Everything is for sale, everything is possible. What happened to ideology? And philosophical discourse? Orgy of Tolerance is composed like a revue. Biting, grotesque, humorous.

Production: Troubleyn

Cast: Linda Adami , Christian Bakalov , Katarina Bistrovic-Darvas , Annabelle Chambon , Cédric Charron , Ivana Jozic , Goran Navojec , Antony Rizzi , Kasper Vandenberghe

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