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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Tim Roda: make BELIEVE

<SPAN class=bildunterschrift>&copy; Tim Roda: <EM>The Centaur</EM>, 2009Photo courtesy of Galerie Michael Janssen</SPAN>
© Tim Roda: The Centaur, 2009
Photo courtesy of Galerie Michael Janssen
Tim Roda: make BELIEVE
BERLIN  •  Galerie Michael Janssen  •  Ongoing

Tim Roda has something that many emerging artists don't - three boys under the age of 11 and a burgeoning marriage. And, because he has made them the content of his theatrically staged photographs for more than half a decade, Roda's work is also something of an anomaly. It deals with content we don't see much of in contemporary art - the familial. Rejecting the banality popular in contemporary photography, Roda features his wife and young boys throughout his black-and-white prints so that the relationships between father and son, wife and husband, mother and child are central to each composition.

His latest body of work, which comes on the heels of a Fulbright Scholarship in Italy - and will debut this fall at Roda's galleries in New York City, Seattle and Berlin - where Roda investigated a foreign domesticity as well as his personal past. After some time in Rome, the family headed South to Pentidatillo, the village where Roda's grandfather grew up. Eager to explore his ancestor's existence as faithfully as possible, Roda blurred the lines between his art and his life more so than in any other series. The five Rodas settled into a one-bedroom house that served as both their home and Roda's studio. The resulting images look, therefore, like extracted splices of reallife moments because they were. The boys would be doing their homework or eating breakfast and they'd stop to work on one of Roda's sets.

Tim Roda (b. 1977 in Lancaster, PA, USA) lives and works in New York.

Galerie Michael Janssen Website

Contact: Galerie Michael Janssen
Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse. 26
10969 Berlin
Tel: (49) 30 258 008 50

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