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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
U10: The Kronos-Projekt

U10: The Kronos-Projekt
BERLIN  •  Potsdamer Platz  •  Ongoing

The Kronos-Projekt, also known as the Steglitz Deceleration Train, is an experiment with time travel which began in 1926. A transformed Underground train coach with 8 passengers is moving extremely slowly on the Berlin Underground network. Believed to be somewhere north of Rathaus Steglitz station, the coach has advanced 317 meters in 83 years. For the time machine's passengers, that time span has felt like only 7 hours.

After the attempt in mid-November in Innsbrucker Platz station to reconstruct the Kronos-Machine as an animation and to contact the passengers acoustically, U10 nows presents a comprehensive documention and a 1:10 scale model of the Kronos-Machine on the U2 line platform in Potsdamer Platz station.

Detailed schedule information:
Accessible during station opening hours

Contact: NGBK Berlin
Oranienstrasse 25
10999 Berlin
Tel: (49) 30 - 61 6 5 13 0

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