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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Hercules and Love Affair (DJ set)

Hercules and Love Affair (DJ set)
NEW YORK  •  Le Poisson Rouge  •  Ongoing

Hercules and Love Affair (DJ set)
w/ Pat Mahoney (Special Disco Version) , Finger On The Pulse and Yes Giantess

1978 was a pivotal year in the evolution of dance music. Saturday Night Fever had hijacked disco from the gay, black and Latino underground scene and turned it into a strutting global pop phenomenon spurring DJs like Frankie Knuckles in Chicago and Larry Levan in New York to push the expansive, electronic dreams of Gorgio Moroder (I Feel Love) and Walter Gibbons (Ten Percent) towards what would eventually become House and Garage.

In its name, sound and romantic, heroic spirit, Hercules And Love Affair is the result of Andy’s dedication to the Classics: both the myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome that captured his imagination as a child.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Andy was already composing modern classical pieces on the family piano when, aged 12, he had his first mind-blowing encounter with electronic dance music in the shape of Yazoo’s 1982 Vince Clarke produced b-side Situation. It changed his life: “The delayed synth hook made me crazy and Alison Moyet's deep voice made me crazier. I figured that was what music in heaven sounded like. It made my hair stand on end.”

Inspired to share his new musical passion, at 15 Andy got a DJing gig in a gay bar and soon encountered DJ Garth of Wicked Crew, a San Francisco-based soundsystem set up by Brit ex-pat members of DJ Harvey & co’s legendary London rave collective, Tonka Soundsystem.

At 18, Andy followed his head and his heart and left Denver to study music and art history at the private liberal Sarah Lawrence College in Manhattan and applied nocturnal mischief at New York’s innumerable nightclubs. His first studio experiments included a Kraftwerk-inspired interpretation of Canadian disco don Gino Soccio's Runaway for Rashaun Mitchell, now principal dancer in the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, to perform to.

“Eventually I had the chance to talk to Chris Brick, the middle aged British man who made the tapes about all of this music he had picked up from thrift stores and flea markets. At the time, these songs were on the fringes of good taste, and valueless for the most part. In retrospect, they were songs that Harvey and other topnotch DJs were playing which would make their value skyrocket a couple of years later. He was encouraging me to find the records and play them because, in his words ‘this was your music, your history, this is gay music’”.

In 2002 Andy met DJ, singer and jewellery designer Kim Ann Foxman, who having escaped from Hawaii to San Francisco as a teenage tearaway had also fallen under the influence of the Tonka / Wicked Crew DJs eclectic house evangelism.

Together they formed a loose DJing and promotion partnership, DanceHomosDance. Inspired by London’s Horse Meat Disco, Andrew launched Cazzo Pazzo where big name House DJs could show off their disco knowledge in an intimate venue. Kim also got Andy to play at her notorious mixed club night, Mad Clams at The Hole. "I wanted Andy to play because he always played the music I wanted to hear, classic house and disco jams. I didn't really care what the lesbians wanted. But it was always packed and always scandalous."

Le Poisson Rouge Website

Detailed schedule information:
11 pm

Contact: 158 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (1) 646 862 04 58

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