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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Hungary
Post Global Warming Survival Kit

Petko Dourmana: <EM>Post Global Warming Survival Kit</EM>Photo courtesy of Videospace Gallery
Petko Dourmana: Post Global Warming Survival Kit
Photo courtesy of Videospace Gallery
Post Global Warming Survival Kit
BUDAPEST  •  Videospace Gallery  •  Ongoing

Set in a world where nuclear winter was implemented as a radical solution to the global warming and flooding, the installation Post Global Warming Survival Kit represents the dwelling of a person who watches over the sea shoreline in a post-apocalyptic landscape almost devoid of organic life.

The landscape projection and all the lighting in the installation is in the near infrared part of the spectrum that is completely invisible for the bare human eye but visible with night vision devices that are provided to the audience. This is based on the assumption that when much of the sun light is blocked out from reaching the surface of the earth as is in the nuclear winter scenario, seeing in infrared becomes more useful in terms of surviving.

The installation is presented in completely dark space producing sensations of emptiness and fullness simultaneously when the visitor is walking around the shelter and entering inside.

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