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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
The Other Side of the Water

The Other Side of the Water: Rara Musicís Journey from Hills of Haiti to the Streets of Brooklyn
NEW YORK  •  Mercy Corps Action Center  •  Ongoing
Rara originally served as a voice of the slaves in their revolt against the French, and as the voice of those struggling against ongoing dictatorships in Haiti. Combining archival footage and vérité narratives, the film, The Other Side of the Water, brings the viewer on an artistic exploration with the poetic visionary Pé Yves, who has led a Rara movement in New York for 20 years. The film follows Yves as he continually re-imagining Rara as a voice for an evolving Haitian-American Diaspora, and struggles to merge the traditional and the modern; island culture with that of New York City.

Mercy Corps Action Center Website

Detailed schedule information:
7pm - 9pm

Contact: Mercy Corps Action Center
6 River Terrace
(between Park Place West and Murray Street)
Battery Park City
New York, NY

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