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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Italian Classic

Luca Pozzi: <EM>Background Inside Platform</EM> (2008)Photo courtesy of KaBe Contemporary
Luca Pozzi: Background Inside Platform (2008)
Photo courtesy of KaBe Contemporary
Italian Classic
MIAMI  •  KaBe Contemporary  •  Ongoing
Through installation, sculpture, drawings and video, the exhibition invites viewers to explore different interpretations of the contemporary world by young italian artists Luca Pozzi (b.1983), Francesca Pizzo (b. 1981) and Studio ++ (Fabio Ciavarella, b.1982; Umberto Daina, b. 1979; Vincenzo Fiore, b.1981).

For example, Luca Pozzi's Background Inside Platform (2008): a sea sponge  suspended in electromagnetic levitation on a black surface filled with water. The sponge, which according to Yves Klein is the essence of the painting, in this case “absorbs” water without touching it, capturing its reflection. So the  painting” is on the mirror of water and enters the sponge by means of a non-induced physical process.

KaBe Contemporary Website

Contact: KaBe Contemporary
123 NW 23 Street
Miami , FL 33127
Tel: (1) 305 5738142

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