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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Love the Sinner

Love the Sinner: By Drew Pautz
LONDON  •  Cottesloe Theatre  •  Ongoing
Drew Pautz: Love the Sinner
Matthew Dunster, director

Drew Pautzís new play that asks us what we may be willing to sacrifice for what we believe to be right.

A group of international church leaders converge in an African hotel to fiercely debate the need for the Christian church to change with the times.

Upstairs, a brief sexual encounter takes place between Joseph, a local porter, and Michael, a British church volunteer. Joseph wants Michael to help him, Michael feels compelled to refuse.

Back in England, Joseph suddenly appears at Michaelís house, much to the shock of both him and his wife. Josephís confrontation forces Michael to grapple with his ethics and to test the liberal claims of his church, as he tries desperately to do the right thing.

Fiston Barek, Paul Bentall, Nancy Crane, Jonathan Cullen, Sam Graham, Robert Gwilym, Scott Handy, Fraser James, Louis Mahoney, Charlotte Randle, Ian Redford, Richard Rees

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