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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Sweden
Mikael Jansson | Dum Dum Boys

Iggy Pop with Dior Bag
Iggy Pop with Dior Bag
Mikael Jansson | Dum Dum Boys
STOCKHOLM  •  GunGallery  •  Ongoing
Mikael Jansson is a fashion photographer. How true is that?!
For instance, you wonder if he himself knows how true it is. Fashion-fiction, is there such a thing? Does documentary fashion photography exist?

Its probably street fashion. Street Mood....

Mikael Jansson has photographed pretty much every celeb in the world. Sometimes hes been tremendously well paid to do so. Other times, he just did it for fun. Does that make him a celebrity photographer?

Does he call James Newell Osterberg to say Hi, its Mike Jansson, Ive got a nicey- cutesy little dress here in my studio; do you feel like dropping by to play?

Sure, says James Newell Osterberg, and drops in.
Id actually never show up on a shoot that would be noticed worldwide, and maybe even a bit beyond, and whats more, in a dress.

Basically, only Iggy Pop would.

But I wish I dared to. And that Mikael Jansson wanted to shoot me in one of Mums 1950s dresses. A pale, flabby, somewhat out-of-shape 56-year-old; you can see almost every little wrinkle. Id also like to be holding a football. And wear clogs. In the background, youd see Mick Jagger dropping off his football pools at the local bookie.

And then, you know, youve got six months, three weeks, four days, eight hours, four minutes and 26 seconds to decide: is this a sports image, a fashion image, a bloody piece of art or just a lucky shot with a bit of a crap focus on Mick?
Got you thinking, didnt it.

Johan Croneman

Contact: GunGallery
Runebergsgatan 3
114 29 Stockholm

Tel: (46) 70 7277627

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