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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England

Mike Bartlett: <EM>13&nbsp;</EM>Photo: &copy;&nbsp;Marc Brenner
Mike Bartlett: 13 
Photo: © Marc Brenner
13: By Mike Bartlett
LONDON  •  Olivier Theatre  •  Ongoing

Mike Bartlett: 13 
Directed by Thea Sharrock

A new play from Mike Bartlett , the writer of Earthquakes in London.

Morning in London, Autumn 2011. Across the city, people wake up from an identical, terrifying dream. At the same moment, a young man named John returns home after years away to find economic gloom, ineffective protest, and a Prime Minister about to declare war. But John has a vision for the future and his ideas inspire an increasing number of followers. With conflict looming in the Middle East, their protest takes them to the centre of the city, to the heart of government, where coincidences, omens and visions collide with political reality.


Matthew Barker, Nick Blakeley, Katie Brayben, Natasha Broomfield, Kirsty Bushell, Martin Chamberlain, Grace Cooper Milton, Davood Ghadami, Trystan Gravelle,
Jadie-Rose Hobson, Adam James, Geraldine James, Sioned Jones, Barbara Kirby, Esther McAuley, Genevieve O'Reilly, Lara Rossi, Helen Ryan, Nick Sidi, Zara Tempest-Walters, Danny Webb

Designer: Tom Scutt
Lighting Designer: Mark Henderson
Music: Adrian Johnston
Movement Director: Steve Kirkham
Sound Designer: Ian Dickinson
Fights: Kev McCurdy

National Theatre Website

Detailed schedule information:

7:30 pm

Previews from 18 October 2011

Contact: National Theatre
South Bank, London SE1 9PX

Tel: (44) 020 7 452 30 00

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