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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Cuba
Michael Dweck: Habana Libre

Michael Dweck: <EM>Habana Libre</EM>Copyright &copy; Michael Dweck
Michael Dweck: Habana Libre
Copyright © Michael Dweck
Michael Dweck: Habana Libre
HAVANA  •  Fototeca de Cuba  •  Ongoing
American photographer Michael Dweck documented a side of Cuban society that hasn’t welcomed witnesses – a farandula – a close-knit group of well-connected artists. They have cars and passports, and travel freely. They are fashionable, though there are few stores and no magazines. The circle includes  Kelvis Ochoa, musician; Rene Francisco, painter; Yaday Ponce Toscano, dancer; Rachel Valdez, painter; Carlos Quintana, painter; Leonardo Padura, novelist; Francis de Rio, musician. 
The show is the foundation of Dweck's third published work Michael Dweck: Habana Libre (Damiani editore) released in November 2011.

Contact: Fototeca de Cuba
Mercaderes 307
Habana Vieja, Plaza Vieja
Havana, Cuba
Tel: 537 832 3076

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