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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Belgium
Filip Berte: The Graveyard

Filip Berte: The Graveyard : cities on the edge
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With his project entitled The Graveyard visual artist and architect Filip Berte penetrates Europeís geographic margins and explores the social margins of present-day communities. He did this by visiting four cities, three of them located on the fringes of the European Union: Tbilisi (Georgia), Chişinău (Moldova) and Melilla (Spanish enclave in Morocco). The fourth city is Brussels, a symbolic place of arrival for those looking to swap the margins of Europe for its centre. Berte observes outsiders: the homeless, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees.

Four films, one relating to each city Filip Berte visited, are shown in four separate rooms in STAMís Bijloke convent. Together these personal portraits of cities form The Graveyard installation. Berte worked on the films with sound artist Ruben Nachtergaele, who accompanied him on his travels and turned field recordings into soundtracks for the films.

Other works by Filip Berte on show at STAM are small paintings (commissioned by deBuren for the citybooks project) and a diorama whose content links up with the film Tbilisi.

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