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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Australia
Birds of Paradise

Lesser-Bird-of-Paradise (<EM>Paradisaea minor</EM>)Photo: Sharon Dobson
Lesser-Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea minor)
Photo: Sharon Dobson
Birds of Paradise
MELBOURNE  •  Melbourne Museum  •  Ongoing

Featuring over 60 spectacular bird specimens native to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and northern Australia, Birds of Paradise explores the evolution of these beautiful feathered creatures and their importance to the PNG tribes who share their forest home. Visitors will discover the famous dancing displays of birds-of-paradise, in which males show off their exotic plumage to attract a female for mating, as well as how the clans of Papua New Guinea identify with these birds, using their feathers for decoration and symbolism.

Birds of Paradise looks at how both birds and people engage in a variety of decoration, display and dance rituals to draw attention to themselves often as part of courtship.

Melbourne Museum Website

Contact: Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Tel: (61) 13 1102

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