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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Switzerland
Brut: Beyond the Outline

Brut: Beyond the Outline
BELLINZONA (TICINO)  •  Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Ticino  •  Ongoing

Entitled Brut: Beyond the Outline and curated by Mario Casanova, this show sets out to investigate how a variety of artists come to grips with the subjective and the universal in the framework of the confrontation between the market, the product and mass production.

...From the Bourgeois Revolution to the Short Century unquestionably one of the worst of periods with regard to the concept of aesthetic ugliness, artistic superficiality, conceptual pretext, the brutalisation of the dignity of the human being and the emptying of meanings the entire conception of value has undergone substantial modification, with the result that an analytical approach at all costs and an historical and sociological reading have fundamentally replaced a more philosophical and authentically creative interpretation of thinking in general.

Mario Casanova, 2012

Participating artists: Selina Baumann, Giona Bernardi, Anna Choi, Paul DeFlorian, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Martin Disler, Francesca Guffanti, Csaba Kis Róka, Parapluie, Valter Luca Signorile, Eduardo Tachado.

Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Canton Ticino Website

Contact: Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Ticino
Via Tamaro 3
6500 Bellinzona

Tel: (41) 91 825 40 85

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